Quick Hello!

We've been a little quiet, and I wanted to touch in before my Wellness post tomorrow. Anna and I wrote a little harder and on topics a little stronger than normal at the end of last week, than went dark on you all, and I'm just reaching out to say hello. Anna's business trip got extended to the end of this week, and I'm currently recovering from 'flight flu', so we're a little quieter than usual. We're still pretty new to this blogging thing. We both have a couple drafts we're working, but we don't have an endless que of things we can just post to keep active if things get busy or we're under the weather. I'm still not done my blanket, and don't want to bore you with another post about it, and need to use the brain power I've got to get something concise together for tomorrow.

From the bottom of our hearts, Anna and I appreciate you all.

And since I'm super mature, I'll leave you with this;